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Welcome to mp3ql

This is the Readme for Version 0.6 of mp3ql.


In order to run mp3ql, you must have the following software installed:

The program won't work if the Qt libraries were built without threading support enabled.

To be able to use the XMMS-Player plugin under Linux, you should also install

To be able to use the iTunes-Player plugin under Mac OS X, you should also install To be able to use the WinAmp-Player plugin under Windows, you should also install


The program should theoretically run on any platform which has the above mentioned software installed. Nevertheless, currently it runs best on Linux. Since the free version of the Qt libraries for Windows is quite outdated, you will certainly run into some problems on this platform.

There are some known issues due to limitations of the underlying eyeD3 module. E.g., the software is not able to read or modify ID3 tags of Version 2.2. Currently, you have to delete the tags or upgrade them to V2.3 or V2.4 with an external tool for those files. The same might happen occasionally for files with invalid ID3 Tag frames.


I am looking for people who would like to help improving the software. Please let me know if you would like to contribute code, bugfixes, documentation or artwork.


You may contact me at the following address:


Big thanks go to Dan Halson for his great work on the Documentation and his fearless beta-testing.

And as always to the developers of great open source software like

  • Python
  • Qt, PyQt
  • Notification Framework
  • eyeD3
  •, pywin32
  • XMMS, xmms-shell

and finally, thank you for trying this software,
have fun,
yours kodi

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