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mp3ql Manual :: Miscellaneous


  • Checked all links to ensure none are dead, resolved various problems from result.


  • Resolved many issues with the preferences nav.
  • Removed context menu chart from playlist.
  • Sorted a few probs here and there, incl dead links on player page.
  • Incorporated video file icon doc into manual.
  • Added playlist option 'update artist icon(s).


  • Removed 'musicbrainz' info - is an antiquated option.


  • Added 'musicbrainz' info to ID3 Tag Wizard >> Options.
  • Added Tab Width page to preferences.


  • Updated the format on a number of docs.
  • To be honest, too much to mention, and i pity the soul who really wants to know.


  • (middle of the night) added file actions page, deals with other context items.
  • seperated items between file view actions and file actions.
  • took a bloody long time, time to sleep...


  • changed layout of the file view actions page and added missing icon size details.


  • added column view page, possibly needs to be expanded still.


  • added note to player plugin page concerning mute and the seek/vol toolbars.
  • added time tag to player display format
  • Introduction appended to main index.
  • Added Auto Playlist preference docs.
  • Re-arranged structure of auto actions to comply with overall structure.
  • Written Preferences >> Auto Actions page
  • Updated Preferences >> Plugins, player links were pointing to nowhere.
  • Updated Plugins >> MP3 Wizard to reflect new behaviour.
  • Added Import Libraries page.
  • Updated player Options page to reflect new options.


  • Appended note to mp3 wizard, only .mp3 files are affected by the wizard,


  • Added 'current player playlist' section to playlist doc.
  • Added 'Display Slider Tickmarks' section to preferences >> player >> options.


  • Added 'current playlist storage directory' preferences doc page.
  • A variety of changes occurred in this time gap, including the preferences Tag Editor doc pages, i really can't remember what fault for not using the changelog properly.


  • Finished TOC
  • Added Player page
  • Added Trash Tools page
  • Brought all pages in misc section into current format.


  • Added MP3 Wizard page
  • Added Image Tools page
  • Added History page
  • Added File Tools page
  • Generally updated the index pages again...
  • Added Auto Actions template
  • Added Doc View page
  • Worked some more on the main index page.
  • A variety of other things


  • Completed Layout Customization page.
  • Adjusted index page.
  • Adjusted preferences index page.
  • Completed Layouts page.
  • Added Preferences/Layouts/Maximum Table Column Width.
  • Added Preferences/File Tools/Options.
  • Various changes to preferences, incl. footer links on index pages specific to other index pages.
  • Various changes to Windows/index, added footer links.
  • Fixed a few problems with all the window pages footer links.
  • Made navigation shadow the index organisation.
  • Made footer links specific to index organisation.


  • All preferences docs up to date with formatting.


  • Added Footer
  • Added anchor links to all section headings
  • Added location links.
  • Resolved table issue, thanks thorsten!


  • Removed inverted commas & speech marks,
  • Restricted highlighting to menu items and specific item references
  • Written Tag Editor (at long last!)


  • All docs brought up to yet another new format.
  • References to 'right click' changed to 'context'
  • Added icon examples to various docs (will be doing this where possible from now on).
  • Updated menu item references to new bold colour and use >> instead of slash.
  • Finished Playlist View, and added info for new features.
  • General face lift, adding extra breaks between paragraphs.
  • and a whole lot of other changes all over the place, that i can't remember.


  • Started Playlist View.
  • Completed Tree View page.
  • Started (finished?) Icon View page.
  • Updated File View Actions page to include Playlist icon size details.


  • Brought all docs up to date with the new color and icon format.


  • Removed kate project file in favour of quanta, this is a permanent change.
  • Lots of little alterations to current pages.


  • Generally cleaned up the format of all existing docs.
  • Improved use of html to distinguish paragraphs from blockquotes etc.
  • Re-wording of shelf page and both Basic Actions paragraphs in Detail and Tree view.


  • Indented the html for the Detail View page, this will now be done by default.
  • Completed first draft of the Shelf page.
  • Started working on the Tree View page
  • Implemented directory structure for the plugin docs.
  • Seperated Icon Size & View from Detail Page and created File View Actions page. This is currently linked to under sections entitled Basic Actions in both the Detail View and Tree View pages.

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